How we work

Believe it or not, we’ve been building research-led, human-centred custom software for 21 years. During this time we’ve delivered 735 projects to 162 different clients. To save you the maths, that's an average of 8 new clients and 35 projects a year, 99.2% of which we’ve delivered on time and within budget. Why not 100%?
Well, we’re good but Black Pepper is made up of human beings who are not entirely perfect even if our algorithms are!

During the last 21 years, we’ve been distilling our learning, trying to work out what ingredients are needed to guarantee a successful product. Out of this learning, our three-step approach was born.

3 step approach

Step One:
We do more than user research, we de-risk your project

Make sure you’re building the right thing in the first place! It sounds pretty simple, obvious almost. Who doesn’t want to make sure they are building the right things before they sign off the budget? But time and time again, we see companies working with assumptions. Before we write a line of code our UX team conducts research to understand how and why your users will interact with your product. Miss this critical step and build a system based on assumptions and you’ll end up with a product that never delivers ROI.

So what’s the business benefit of this first step? In short, you’re de-risking your project. You're ensuring that before you start, you are moving in the right direction.

Step Two:
We do more than design and build, we deliver business value

Deliver your product using the right technologies and methodologies to ensure what we build is not only perfectly suited for its environment but increases users’ productivity. Again this sounds obvious, but it's incredibly important to get right.

There are a million different pieces of technology out there and many development organisations have a preferred stack or method they will recommend you use. We believe in always conducting a short Discovery phase before we start a project. This enables us not only to de-risk the project but to ensure we make exactly the right technology choices for you.

Using best practice from agile and DevOps methodologies we build your solution incrementally providing a fast feedback cycle and ultimately giving you total transparency and full budgetary control of your projects progress at all times.

So what are the business benefits of step two? A solution that delivers business value and is future-proofed to maximise your return on investment.

Step Three:
We do more than support and maintain, we protect your investment

Once we have delivered your product, we don't run for the hills!

Most organisations will offer a support package consisting of basic maintenance and some technical support for you and your team. While this is important (and we do include this) we know that things change over time. What you needed in 2020 is different from what you will want your product to do in 2022. We build in regular innovation sprints to keep your product fresh, relevant and moving with your changing requirements.

So what are the business benefits of step three? We help you protect your investment.

To understand more about our proven three step approach to delivering a successful product, please get in touch using whatever means you are most comfortable with.

What can you expect when you contact us?

We’re consultants, not salespeople. First, we’ll take time to understand your business, your pain points and your aspirations. Then we’ll suggest something small we can do so you can start to see the value we can deliver right away.