8 weeks as a Black Pepper intern

Inspiring the next generation of software developers is important to us. We're passionate about what we do, and jump at the chance to share that passion through our intern programme. The latest student to undertake a Black Pepper internship was Reuben Farley. Here's his account of two months with the UX team:

After 8 weeks of working as an intern at Black Pepper I’m here to offer some insight into what it’s like to be a part of their team. I spent a relatively short period of time there but their creativity and enthusiasm rubs off.

I’d like to address the comfortable work environment. everyone I met at Black Pepper were nothing but polite and helpful. They made the transition into working on projects enjoyable and welcoming. The friendliness of everyone there made my apprehension and nervousness at a new workplace wash away.

The first few days were a bit slow. Staring intently at a computer screen waiting for inspiration to strike. Suddenly the next few days went like fireworks. Feedback was given to me which sparked more inspiration for new and better designs, so on and so forth. It was very enjoyable and I felt incredibly comfortable with the way work and projects were handled there.

Over the next few days I would be introduced to another intern and the concept of pair programming. Despite my initial hesitation, pair programming turned out to be a great help. By pair programming me and the other intern ended up creating a very different project than either of us would have made alone. The ability to have another programmer to notice your errors and help you overcome them is helpful both short term and long term.

The more I code alone now, the more I realise that when not pair programming you’re simply embedding your own errors and inefficiencies. It’s very helpful to have someone question you on why you do what you’re doing. In any case, enough praise for pair coding.

In the mornings It was always refreshing to arrive at the office, though that may be influenced by my pleasure in being freed from an arduous commute. The workplace was comfortable and the break-room was always a welcome sight.

Overall, my time at Black Pepper was overwhelmingly positive and helpful. Everyone I worked alongside were all genuinely passionate and were always willing to give a helping hand whenever I was stumped. Working with them helped me learn a lot and I came out of the experience with new skills.

I sincerely thank everyone at Black Pepper for having me and for an incredibly enjoyable internship.

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