Is Agile Dead?

Agile Empirical Process

Dave Thomas proposed the retirement of the term Agile in his blog last week.

I understand why he feels it's useful to deprecate the term, because of its association with a lot of things that miss the point, but isn't it likely that the same thing will happen with any alternative you come up with? People will latch on to a word or phrase they can use as shorthand, particularly where there's an opportunity to sell a product or service, and there's the problem: the focus shifts away from the principles and values that the shorthand refers to, in this case those of the Agile Manifesto. To shift it back, there aren't really any short cuts.In the do-inspect-adapt-repeat cycle, the inspection and adaptation steps are crucial. So how about taking a few minutes to reflect on your software development? Is there anything you need to adapt?

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