Android App to Fly on Strand-1 NanoSat Mission

A Black Pepper 'rocket scientist' has an interesting hobby. He's been involved with designing and developing software for amateur satellites for over over 20 years, as a member of AMSAT-UK.

His most recent piece of Open Source work is the development of a Data Warehouse for the FUNcube project, sponsored by the Radio Communications Foundation charity and designed and built by AMSAT-UK / ISIS.

Recently, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), who are sponsoring the Strand-1 NanoSatellite Mission, announced a competition to write an App for a Google Nexus One Smart Phone, which will be one of the satellite payloads.

Our 'rocket scientist' suggested an App which was a spin-off of the work done by the FUNcube team:

The 'STRaND Data' App, which would collect satellite telemetry from within the satellite and display it graphically on the Nexus One Display. The display is observed by an on-board camera and the images transmitted to earth on Amateur Radio frequencies.

To the delight of the FUNcube team, the 'STRaND Data App' was chosen as on of the four winners and it looks like our 'rocket scientist' is going to spend most of his spare time filled with these developments!

Black Pepper are pleased to support our 'rocket scientist' is making use of the skills he's acquired in Agile Java Enterprise and Mobile development through the 'day-job', to allow him to do design, development and mentoring in:

  • Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) which is the remit of FUNcube
  • Open Source projects such as this and GENSO, the Global Educational Network for Satellite Operations

Details of the organisations mentioned here can be found at their respective web sites:







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