Hacking for social good!

24h to solve a social problem with smart technology

A hackathon is usually a day long coding competition where software programmers, developers, designers, come together to build something innovative.

Black Pepper Software is used to running hackathons twice a year. For our 20th birthday we wanted to do something good for the local community. We invited local organisations and charities to submit a problem for us to try and solve using technology.

“The term hack can be quite scary when used alongside IT and technology because it brings to mind people losing money from their banks, or having systems brought crashing down. However, the word ‘hack’ is also used as a term to describe the innovative and surprising ways that can be found to problem-solve using software and technology, and this is where charities could have the direction of their future changed. If we can come up with an idea that can make a huge difference to any of the charities involved, then that would be an awesome 20th birthday legacy.” - Rowan Welch, Black Pepper Head of Commercial.

During 24h the entire company focused on 7 projects:

1. Improve Volunteer application form for Helping Hands
2. Develop Helping Hands Rota
3. Create automatic update of House2Home Stock Record
4. Correct Myton Hospice payment webpage
5. Reform Canalside Community Farm database
6. Create new VUI Fitness app
7. Dementia Training

A huge thanks to all organisations for taking the time to submit their problem, we’ve been really happy to receive so many different challenges:
Helping Hands Community Project, Myton Hospice, Canalside Community Food and Dementia Trainers.

Simon Jones said: “I never imagined the sorts of things we’d end up creating, and the team here loved being challenged by the diverse range of real-world issues faced by our local organisations.”

Following on from the ‘Hackathon’, Black Pepper committed to donating 20 working days this year and improve 4 of the projects. We will improve the Volunteer application form for Helping Hands, finalise Helping Hands Rota and we'll come with a solution that automatically updates House2Home stock record. Finally, we’ll work with Dementia Trainers to make their training material more accessible.

A very special thanks to Spa Town Coffee and The Rustic Food Company for being so generous and sponsoring our #20thbirthdayhack

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