An Introduction to Websockets, Android: Dynamic User Faces and More..

Some good videos on some really interesting topics:

  1. An Introduction to Websockets
  2. Android: Dynamic User Faces
  3. Recommender Systems From Statistical Physics
  4. A First Look at Go
  5. Web Development: You're doing It Wrong
  6. Pretotyping Manifesto
  7. LXC- Linux Containers: An Introduction
  8. Understanding Effect Sizes
  9. Visual Thinking: Drawing Out Solutions
  10. Java Script Everywhere: Why?
  11. Having FUN in Space
  12. Poker: An Introduction
  13. Poker: Know Your Opponent

Click here to watch any of these videos:

[caption id="attachment_3127" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Brown Bag  Android Dynamic User Interfaces May 2014

Android Dynamic User Interfaces[/caption]

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