JAOO 2008 - Failure, Testing, and Water

JAOO 2008 was brilliant.

My top three talks, as requested by the conference feedback form:

  • Failure comes in flavors by Michael T. Nygard: because the lessons in how to prevent and recover from failure were valuable and the failure stories were funny.
  • Software Architects and Testing by Peter Zimmerer: because the message of making testing your responsibility, as software architect, and promoting testing practices to your team, was right.
  • The Lively Kernel by Dan Ingalls: because of the mind-boggling demo of rotating stars, clocks and worlds created on a base of JavaScript and SVG.

My other feedback was on water.

“It is about bottled water. This comes at a big environmental cost. I suggest that instead of offering free bottles of water every day, each conferee gets one empty bottle which they fill as required from water fountains or water coolers placed around the conference area. When I was on holiday in Venice earlier this year, there was a big campaign to get people to use the free water fountains around Venice to fill their bottles, instead of buying new. So this suggestion is an example of 2 reuses, reuse of idea and reuse of bottle. Although I now recall that reuse got slated at the conference.”

It's great that my suggestion has been greeted with the response

“That is a very good suggestion. I think we will try to implement that in the future.”

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