Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms Set to Unleash Significant Benefits

The rapid growth in high powered mobile devices such as tablet pcs and smartphones, coupled with pervasive high speed network connections over 3G and Wifi is driving a significant change to the way that companies need to view their IT infrastructure.

Adam Wright, Head of Solutions at Black Pepper Software which is heavily involved in this development said: “IT Services no longer need to be constrained within the physical infrastructure of the workplace. Aided by Cloud computing and Software as a Service provision, innovative companies are gaining competitive advantage and operating more efficiently by extending their core IT services to mobile workers armed with laptops, tablets and smartphone devices.

“What is more, the most savvy companies are simplifying processes for users by bundling specific functions and features into mobile apps targeting specific devices like the iPad or Android tablet to deliver just the functionality required by mobile workers and no more, in an intuitive user friendly way,” he added.

For example, traders can now carry apps into their client’s offices so they are armed with the latest prices and quotes at their fingertips to close deals on the spot. Logistics companies can also provide specific apps to third parties within their supply chain to update on the progress and tracking of goods and products.

These apps provide ring fenced access to specific key parts of corporate data, and can tap into some of the additional features and functions of tablet devices. These devices enable multi-touch manipulation of information on a screen, allowing users to zoom in or out of data sets or supply chains, or offline storage of sales figures and stock information for sales and trading in remote regions of the world.

However, the development of mobile enterprise application platforms are not for the feint hearted and demand skilful development and software creation to be effective. Enterprise apps are not driven by the consumer oriented games and platforms that have made smartphones so popular. Instead, the next generation of mobile enterprise application platforms is being driven by enterprise IT experts, with a deep knowledge of the issues of enterprise IT first, such as security, scalability, integration, and extensibility.

Black Pepper Software, a leading agile IT consultancy, has a significant track record of developing both Enterprise IT and Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms for companies such as Thomas Cook and Companion Technologies Ltd.

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