Moving MySQL Database Files on Ubuntu Hardy

I wanted to move my /var/lib/mysql directory to /data/mysql (a new partition). So I copied them and made the appropriate change in /etc/my.cnf. On restarting mysql with /etc/init.d/mysql start, I got a failure.

On looking in the /var/log/messages file, I found:

Nov 23 17:48:46 carpenomen kernel: [ 2714.258037] audit(1227462526.718:13): type=1503 operation="inode_create" requested_mask="w::" denied_mask="w::" name="/data/mysql/carpenomen.lower-test" pid=19659 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" namespace="default"
Nov 23 17:48:46 carpenomen kernel: [ 2714.310572] audit(1227462526.770:14): type=1503 operation="inode_permission" requested_mask="rw::" denied_mask="rw::" name="/data/mysql/ibdata1" pid=19659 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" namespace="default"

A lot of head scratching and a search on google led me to this article:

The most important last 'trick' is to update and restart apparmor:

vi /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld

and change the lines which mention the mysql datafile and then restart apparmor and mysql...

# /etc/init.d/apparmor restart
Reloading AppArmor profiles : done.
# /etc/init.d/mysql start
* Starting MySQL database server mysqld                                 [ OK ]
* Checking for corrupt, not cleanly closed and upgrade needing tables.

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