Partnership with Academia: Networking Event

Our Companion team has an exciting opportunity to work in close partnership with Aston University. The project, which goal is to enhance analytics capabilities of Companion platform, is run as a part of Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

On Wednesday 20th March, our academic partner hosted a networking event with a poster session. 26 posters were presented, and about 130 people attended, mainly senior members of staff from both academia and industry. Projects varied from medical research to optimising business processes. Not surprisingly our poster gathered attention of people involved in organising conferences.

Study of social interactions among participants of events such as conferences and improving confidence about indoors location are the main research themes of our KTP. In the era of Big Data analysing and making sense of available data, not necessarily big, is essential for any business. Academics from Aston University bring expertise in Data Mining and Machine Learning into the Companion. Companion not only can offer insights into patterns of visitors behaviour but can also use this information internally to improve the quality of the product.

This is an image of our poster featuring Companion with its branded green colours:

Poster Picture

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