QCon 2010 Listmania

I went to QCon in London again this year, and it was another great conference for software developers from the QCon people, InfoQ and TriFork.

5 things I learnt

  • How to test HTML layout automatically
  • Put your ops person in your dev team (and talk to her)
  • You don't have to use PowerPoint when presenting
  • Put a toy duck on your desk to ask questions of, if you haven't got a pair
  • Performance test early and continuously

5 things confirming what I already knew

  • TDD is so the way to work
  • So is CI
  • Keep on learning
  • Software developers are usually male and drink beer
  • Keep on asking why

5 excellent talks

  • Fighting Layout Bugs, by Michael Tamm. Truly innovatory approach to testing web page layout, marrying several diverse tools to create automated tests you wouldn't think possible.
  • Dev and Ops Cooperation when the worst happens, by Michael T Nygard. Another great set of nail-biting anecdotes from the frontline of projects on fire.
  • Simplicity - the way of the unusual architect, by Dan North. "My name is Dan North and I am a Complicator". More laughter than feasible in a conference presentation.
  • Command-Query Responsibility Segregation, by Udi Dahan. How to discard the layered application and think about architecture from a user's point of view.
  • Test-Driven Development of Asynchronous Systems, by Nat Pryce. Not the usual PowerPoint bullets or "humorous" images, but beautiful hand-drawn slides, created on a tablet PC (content was OK too).

5 things Dan North told us about Remoting

  • You usually don’t need remoting
  • HTTP works, and it’s really simple
  • Pub/Sub works, and it’s really simple
  • Systems share data, not objects
  • “Transfer Object” is an oxymoron

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