The first Pepper Club of 2019

Wednesday 6th February saw the first Pepper Club of 2019, and based on the feedback from the attendees it was another successful event. The Pepper Club only started in 2018, and yet despite its short history its impact has been fantastic.

The Pepper Club is based on a simple idea: To bring together people from a diverse range of businesses to share experiences, meet new people and maybe learn something that will help them solve current challenges.

The event is based around a 3 course dinner for between 12 to 15 people. This size group is small enough to allow a speaker to be heard by everyone, yet large enough to provide the diversity necessary. Over the course of the evening three participants (selected beforehand) are invited to give a talk for about 10 minutes on a topic of their choosing.

Last nights talks were about as diverse as you could imagine. First up was Peter Jackson, Director of Data Science at Legal and General and author of 2 books on the subject (The Chief Data Officer's Playbook and Data Driven Business Transformation). His insight into the amazing value that can be extracted from the everyday data was brilliantly described.

Next to speak was Sam Warner, Software Engineer at Black Pepper. Sam has been involved in software ethics for several years and his talk captured the enormity of the responsibility that our industry has to society. The room was captivated as he described the consequences of not doing the right thing, and relieved to hear what we need to do to get it right.

Finally, Jane Allen, CEO of British Gymnastics, spoke with passion and pride about her journey over the past 9 years. Transforming the organisation from its pre-2012 Olympics structure into a business focused organisation that’s ready to address the future needs of all gymnasts. Jane spoke candidly about the difficulties encountered along the way as well as giving insights into future challenges.

Following each talk the resulting questions and discussion illustrated how very different organisations often have issues or challenges that, at some level, are shared.

I’d like to thank everyone that came to the event last night for sharing their knowledge and experience with the rest of the group. Hopefully everyone learnt something valuable that will help them address their current or future challenges.

If you'd like to be kept up to date about future Pepper Club events then just let us know.