The ITDF will give us the opportunity to work on some interesting projects

Rowan Welch Itdf

As we’ve recently introduced Slack here, at Black Pepper, we’ve been thinking how to make use of its full potential. Granted, it’s both fun and useful for quick chats, but we wanted more.

We came up with this novel concept of doing Q&A sessions with some of the guys and gals here in the team over Slack, so that we can then give you a glimpse into life at Black Pepper. We settled on one question a day, as most of us do tend to focus on programming, not answering questions asked by the nosy marketer.

In today’s interview, we are getting an insight into a sales professional's mind. Rowan Welch is one of our more recent additions to the Commercial team - she has tremendous experience in the software industry and is really easy to get along with. She'll also attend the ITDF starting today, so we wanted to have a chat with her about it :)

Sound interesting? Read on to find out more.

So Rowan, how did your story with Black Pepper begin?

I was working in California (developing a sales and marketing strategy for a travel technology start up) when I was contacted by an agent who said he thought I’d be a good fit. Long story short, I think he was right. It’s a great team here at Black Pepper!

What do you like most about Black Pepper?

All the really smart people.

What skills and knowledge does a sales professional need to be successful in the custom software sector?

Patience and understanding.

Right, how about we lighten up the mood with a series of quick questions?

Windows or OSX?


Facebook or Twitter?

LinkedIn :)

Android or iOS?


Batman or Superman?

Batman for sure!

Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?

This will be unpopular in this office, I’m guessing, but Lord of the Rings by far.

Game of Thrones of Downtown Abbey?

Game of Thrones

Fish and Chips or Sunday Roast?

It has to be Sunday Roast, there is nothing better than a wander to the local with the paper to meet a few friends for a Sunday lunch!

Lager or ale?

Lager, I guess, but I’d prefer Chablis or Pinot Noir any day.

Black pepper or salt?

Black Pepper, of course.

Right, back to full sentences now. You’re going to attend ITDF during October 7 and 10. Tell us more about the format of this event.

This will be my first Richmondevent, but as I understand it, we will host approximately 45 meetings over 2 days. We'll meet senior IT professionals who have technology projects in mind and would like to find the best partner to build the solution they are after.

How does the cruise element fit into ITDF?

The boat is the meeting vessel - once you're on you can't get off!

What do you expect to gain from ITDF?

The opportunity to work on some interesting projects and meet with some interesting people - oh, and the knowledge that I don't get sea sick - I hope! ;)

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