We want to share our know-how at the Automotive Leaders Summit

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As we’ve recently introduced Slack here, at Black Pepper, we’ve been thinking how to make use of its full potential. Granted, it’s both fun and useful for quick chats, but we wanted more.

So we came up with this novel concept of doing Q&A sessions with some of the guys and gals here in the team over Slack, so that we can then give you a glimpse into life at Black Pepper. We settled on one question a day, as most of us do tend to focus on programming, not answering questions asked by the nosy marketer.

In this interview, we’re getting an insight from one of our Account Directors, Josie Byrne. She manages our automotive projects and has the pulse of where this sector is going.

Sound interesting? Read on to find out more.

How did your story with Black Pepper begin, Josie?

Once upon a time... I had previously worked in the event industry for 6 years and was recruited by Black Pepper to look after a number of event organisers that were using the Black Pepper Companion event app for their shows, such as the BBC Good Food Show. In my previous role I regularly worked with a number of automotive manufacturers such as Ford, Renault and Volvo to create huge media campaigns around the shows at which they were exhibiting. This was to support them in increasing their customer impact at these events. It seemed a natural progression to take control of building and sustaining the automotive vertical sector at Black Pepper.

Now let’s have a bit of fun: if you were a gadget, what would you be and why?

I'd be an Amazon Fire Stick - it's small and sleek and provides hours of entertainment!

What do you like most about Black Pepper?

One of the best things about working for Black Pepper is the company ethic around a work/ life balance. It's genuine rather than simply a claim but conversely I find it makes my work life far more enjoyable!

What skills and knowledge does a sales professional need to be successful in the custom software sector?

The ability to listen and to understand what's really important to the customer.

Right, so I've got a series of questions that need a one word answer.

Okay. Ready.

Windows or OSX?


Facebook or Twitter?


Android or iOS?


Batman or Superman?


Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?

Star Wars

Game of Thrones or Sherlock?


Fish and Chips or Sunday Roast?

Fish and Chips

Lager or ale?


Black pepper or salt?


Right, back to full sentences now. You're going to attend the Automotive Leaders Summit in Liverpool in June. Tell us more about Black Pepper's involvement in this event.

We're a gold technology sponsor and are providing the app for the event. Also on the second day we'll be hosting a round table discussing how to be agile in the automotive industry.

What could the delegates hope to gain from this round table?

Some insights into how they can begin to implement an agile framework into their business in order to be able respond to the fast pace at which technology is moving; for example in the race to autonomy, being agile will enable a business to respond extremely quickly to customer feedback.

What do you expect to gain from the Automotive Leaders Summit & round table?

For us, the purpose of sponsoring the event is to give Black Pepper some much needed visibility in the automotive sector, which in turn will offer us a platform to share some of our content with automotive professionals. We feel that the services we offer such as agile software development, systems integration and consultancy and our previous experience working with automotive companies have enabled us to gain an in-depth knowledge of this industry which will prove invaluable to automotive businesses and therefore we want to share our know-how at the Automotive Leaders Summit. The event itself will be extremely interesting and informative, an opportunity to gain some interesting insights whilst benefiting from the networking opportunities that it offers.

Because we like to be transparent and take pride in how business as usual goes on in our office, we’ll post more of these interviews, trying to offer you a rounded view of how our team see Black Pepper and feel about coming to work every day. You can read our previous interviews here and look out for the next one!

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