Encouraging the software developers of the future

At Black Pepper we are so passionate about what we do that we jump at the opportunity of showing others how great software development is. We’re keen to encourage everyone to pursue a career in software and we love having young people join our team from time to time for their work experience programme. We recently welcomed Callum from Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby to join us for a week. Here is Callum’s account of his time at Black Pepper:

When I first walked in the door, I had little idea about what to expect from this week and I was a bit nervous, but I needn't have been. Everyone in the building was very helpful and friendly, and seemed almost like one large family; something you don't see in every company.

I expected to get quite a bit out of this week (and I certainly wasn't disappointed), even so, I certainly didn't expect to learn anywhere near the amount that I did. I discovered lots of new roles within the software industry that I had never even considered before, and learnt a lot more about all the ones I already knew of. I think I learnt more information in this week than I have in the last year or two of studying computing at school. My brain is now full of acronyms and new vocabulary, as well as a lot more detail about topics I already knew.

After this week I feel that I have a much better understanding of all the roles and processes within the production of software, and how they all fit together and overlap. The real-life experience of watching a developer actually work on a project in front of you is equally, if not more, useful than anything you can be taught in your computing class at school. Moreover, taking part in the brainstorming session and talking to the employees really helped with my understanding of the way companies like Black Pepper Software function.

After learning all this information, in the latter half of the week I got to put all I had learnt into practice with the use of a Raspberry Pi. This helped me not only learn some electronics and learn how to control components using Python, but it also really allowed me to see how what I had learnt over the first few days was helpful and useful when creating software, especially the agile development process.

In short, this was not only a very fun week, but also a very informative and useful one. Undoubtedly, the information I learned will be very useful throughout my career path.

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