Each year, in June, Black Pepper Software runs a Hackathon, focused on solving problems for social good.

For those that don't already know, a Hackathon is usually a 24 hour coding competition where software programmers, developers and designers come together to try to build something innovative. Sometimes something amazing happens, equally sometimes the idea doesn't work out at all! It's all about experimenting and learning.

Last year Black Pepper donated the time of the entire organisation to Hack solutions to problems for local, charitable organisations.

Black Pepper subsequently committed 25 additional working days to these local charity projects.

Upcoming Hackathon

This year the topic is Health. The Hack will be held on June 25th. More information to follow shortly.

Past Hackathons

For our 20th birthday we wanted to do something good for the local community. We invited local organisations and charities to submit a problem for us to try and solve using technology.

During 24h the entire company focused on 7 projects:

1. Improve Volunteer application form for Helping Hands
2. Develop Helping Hands Rota
3. Create automatic update of House2Home Stock Record
4. Correct Myton Hospice payment webpage
5. Reform Canalside Community Farm database
6. Create new VUI Fitness app
7. Dementia Training

Discover more in the video below!

PR20th B day Hack

Press Release

Black Pepper Software celebrates 20-year anniversary with charitable offer


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