The power of human-centred design. Leveraging a “DevOps Mindset” through and post COVID-19

LIVE / Date: 12 November Days / Time: 4PM London
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Are you ready for DevOps/DevSecOps? Has remote working impacted your plans for adoption? Don’t know where to begin? Sign up here for discussion and expert insights.

What to expect:

    • Discussion and expert insights
    • We'll cover what DevOps and DevSecOps is and isn't.
    • We'll consider common anti-patterns when attempting adoption
    • We'll discuss how to apply cultural changes to facilitate a DevOps mindset
    • Finally, we'll suggest how you might be able to construct an approach to adopt or maintain DevOps during and post-Covid

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Sam Warner - DevOps Specialist
Bio: Software developer with experience in consultancy, cloud infrastructure, front-end and back-end development, and machine learning. Primary skills include web application and client-server development using technologies such as Angular, React, Spring (Boot/Web/JPA), Hibernate, Java and SQL, AWS, Azure, Jenkins, Docker, .NET Core, Git, JIRA, Slack etc.

Martin Blower - Head of DevOps & technical strategy
Bio: A cross-platform Software Engineer and Architect with over 30 years experience of the full software development life-cycle. Worked with Black Pepper on large corporate projects implementing features in an agile, TDD approach from acceptance tests through to development.

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UX: Success starts with Empathy.
The power of human-centred design.

On-Demand | 30min
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UX, or to be more precise, a user's experience, is an outcome which we, as designers, cannot guarantee. However, by employing empathy in everything that we do, we can influence user behaviour and achieve desired outcomes that generate significant business benefits.


  • Chris McCourt - Head of UX, Black Pepper Software
    Bio: Chris is a design leader with over 20 years of experience in creating human-centred, digital products and services for some of the worlds most successful companies. He uses his knowledge of design, technology, and human behaviour to influence product strategy and promote the value of great design.

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