Black Pepper Software worked closely with the client’s in house IT department throughout the project and, using an Agile development approach, delivered key components of this trading system. This included a maintainable and well tested code base.

Simon Jones
Director, Black Pepper Software

Project Overview

The client commissioned a bespoke software trading application for use by its traders around the world. The software application needed to record the purchase, sale and delivery of various refined metals from different world locations and to provide real time feedback to the company on current stock, sales and logistical commitments.

End Result

Black Pepper helped the client evolve from an ad-hoc, document driven approach for trades to a single, integrated solution available simultaneously around the globe.

This allowed the clients’ traders to work much more efficiently and the company to meet legal trade requirements.

The new streamlined approach and high performance software led to a significant increase in profits for the client.

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