Client Confidential

Black Pepper have a knowledgeable and personable team who listened to exactly what we needed and were able to quickly respond to our request. They delivered an excellent report that was the expert guidance we needed. A very good result.

Client Confidential
Application Manager, Business Risk & IT Security

Project Overview

Our client had major security exposure for current operations and for data which could also affect future revenue. Without considerable guidance and experience they were unable to clearly identify all breach points. This left the company with a high risk of losing contracts as well as the inability to bid for new business.

Black Pepper was given the challenging goal of ensuring all systems, processes, future changes and designs would be resilient to cyber-attacks and threats to customers' personal data. This had to be completed very quickly to reduce exposure and the company had to be able to understand and learn from the exercise.

End Result

Using our experienced security consultants, we evaluated in detail the software and systems topology, as well as the processes used within operational, development and external systems.

We made a series of prioritised recommendations and actions backed up by detailed rationale that helped the client not only to limit current exposure with a short-term plan but also to define a long-term strategic path. A major part of our handover was to give the client the knowledge and ability to continue improving their IT and business security, meaning they could confidently win more business in the future.

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