Warwick Scientific Services

Black Pepper Software were a welcoming and friendly company who listened to our problems rather than leaping to a previously developed solution. They were good at communicating on progress, kept an open two-way dialogue with us and quickly adapted to our new and changing user requirements.

Dr. Mark Barnett
Head of Scientific Services, The University of Warwick

Project Overview

Warwick University noticed that their large array of analytical equipment and services had periods of time when it was unused. The university decided to make their equipment and services available to the public. The client wanted support to streamline its current offline paper-based processes to facilitate this external access.

End Result

Black Pepper worked closely with the client’s in-house IT department to produce a web application that would allow organisations outside of the university to view and book the analytical equipment and services, receive quotes for work, submit samples, pay for work and receive project results. The portal managed this entire process. This portfolio was then presented and marketed to the public on a website.

This resulted in an entirely new revenue stream for the client allowing them to utilise dormant equipment and services they already owned.

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