The Black Pepper Team have taken a complex task and used their cutting edge expertise to deliver a first class system for us. We are delighted with the end result and we are already working with the team on our next project.

Pete Blunt
Managing Director, Innovaré Systems

Project Overview

Innovaré carried out operational functions and data management using numerous Excel spreadsheets, resulting in efficiency limitations when both reporting and forward planning. In order to increase efficiency, Black Pepper produced a cloud-based tablet application to record and report live quality assurance details and tracking for building panels on the factory floor and also to summarise Innovare’s production data for colleagues in the office.

The project was developed using agile methodologies on a cloud-based, serverless architecture platform. This ensured Black Pepper could quickly provision development and test environments, provide online access to dashboards showing key information on the project’s status and facilitate the creation of future native mobile applications if required.

End Result

Black Pepper Software delivered an application which drastically increased operational efficiency at Innovaré for both the workforce responsible for reporting and those involved in planning. This was achieved by creating a product which eliminates manual data entry, simplifies usability and creates a single record of project status at each key stage; design, planning, assembly and delivery.

This application is now in use allowing Innovaré to drive efficient planning by the senior management while simultaneously supporting shop floor operatives by providing an accessible user interface for recording production details. The application has removed the over reliance on paper and Excel spreadsheets, which in turn has ensured the company better meets customer needs and deadlines through efficiency gains.