Jaguar Land Rover

This is a vital support system for the entire team here at Jaguar Land Rover. Black Pepper brought an invaluable range of skills, from first class user experience expertise to excellent technical delivery. The Black Pepper team integrated seamlessly with the team here at JLR and have added real value to this project.

Sandeep Murthy
Quality System Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

Project Overview

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is a leading global automotive manufacturer that places quality at the heart of its philosophy. In order to manage its quality process, JLR has made significant investment in the development of its product monitoring systems, which provide valuable feedback to the business to ensure quality remains at the heart of its ongoing development.

To support continuous improvement, JLR partnered with Black Pepper to build a Business Intelligence Dashboard. Black Pepper immediately understood the requirements of systems development and shared the same passion for quality. Black Pepper was selected to provide a data analysis system with an innovative user interface to its reporting systems and incorporate this into JLR’s existing Intelligent Quality Management System.

Black Pepper utilised its first class design skills combined with in-depth technical expertise and true customer focus to provide an excellent, user friendly application. The project was delivered using the agile software development principles. Applying these techniques enabled Black Pepper to work closely with JLR and understand the requirements of the team members using the application and ensure the end result was high quality, focused on the client needs and delivered in a timely manner.

End Result

With the assistance of Black Pepper, JLR now benefits from a Business Intelligence Dashboard which provides integrated graphical functionality that streamlines the reporting process for users at all levels. It reports owner experiences and captures any issues that may arise, whether advised through warranty, roadside assistance and owner surveys. JLR can measure progress made against these issues over time due to the simplified data analysis and user experience design that is built into the system.

The application now facilitates efficient data analysis, regardless of whether the user is an engineer, team manager or a supplier. This was achieved by putting user experience at the heart of the project, introducing filters which ensure team members aren’t bombarded by information irrelevant to their department and personal objectives. Instead, any user can rapidly filter through to the data pertinent to their job role.

The new application and supporting platform is fully scalable and offers the flexibility needed to support JLR’s rapid growth targets thus helping them remain a key competitor in the automotive sector.