We needed to engage with a company with an expert UX team who could quickly get to grips with our product’s end-user environment and work with our in-house team to agree and create a framework for UX consistency – something Black Pepper did seamlessly.

Tim Clifford
Digital Sales & Marketing Director, Resonate


Resonate (previously DeltaRail) are a world leading transport optimisation technology company, employing over 200 digital experts across their London hub (Euston) and their Derby based HQ.

DeltaRail had historically built its success on developing Signalling Control Systems.These systems enable the railways to run safely and efficiently by monitoring and coordinating the movement of trains across the UK rail network.

In 2016 DeltaRail took a decision not only rebrand the entire company but to invest in its future further by developing a powerful digital platform “Luminate” which would become the foundation for a suite of cutting edge products.

The new suite of products, integrated with “Luminate”, would be developed to meet the demands of emerging global trends in transport such as machine learning, connected devices, cloud storage, social media mining and advanced security provision and would deliver huge competitive advantage for the newly named, Resonate.

Business Problem

The “Luminate” platform needed to be developed quickly so Resonate deployed several large teams of talented developers to do so. However once the project was underway it became clear that, while great progress was being made, there was a need to ensure user consistency across the various parts of the system.


Resonate needed to engage with a company with an expert UX team who could quickly get to grips with the product’s end user environment and work with the Resonate team to agree and create a framework for UX consistency.


Resonate contacted Black Pepper Software who provided a UX consultant to help the management team decide what the User Journey should look like and how best to incorporate a simple and clean UX across the entire business (in line with the new Resonate brand guidelines).

Once this was decided Black Pepper proceeded to define and build a UI pattern library (which included a start-guide for the product and a library of components). These template designs could be used by Resonates teams of developers across the entire business, facilitating a recognisable, on brand, look and feel across the whole solution.

The templates were created with ease of use for the inhouse developers in mind so that the Resonate team could implement the design and components post Black Pepper’s engagement, making sure everything would remain consistent going forward.

Finally Black Pepper was tasked with training a junior UX designer and to advise on how best to find and build further in-house UX expertise.


Black Pepper completed this short 30 day engagement, leaving Resonate with not only a solution to an immediate problem, but the skills, knowledge and tool set for them to move forward independently.

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