University of Warwick

Black Pepper Software have made the delivery of this project seamless. The people and processes they have make everything really visible - which means that as the client I have been involved and confident about progress. Great team, great result.

Fiona Colligan
Wolfson Research Exchange and PG Hub Manager, The University of Warwick

Project Overview

The University of Warwick in conjunction with Black Pepper Software launched Piirus: an innovative global social network that enables researchers to make interdisciplinary connections, find collaborators, improve the visibility of their research and widen funding opportunities.

End Result

Due to its innovative nature, requirements for Piirus evolved during the development process. Use of agile methods, particularly continuous collaboration and regular showcases, enabled Black Pepper Software to deliver Piirus successfully within just 4 months, ready for the start of a new academic year. It was delivered as a web application with a responsive user interface design, allowing collaboration between researchers around the globe on almost any device.

The University of Warwick is delighted with the finished work and will be working closely with Black Pepper Software on more projects in the future.