ECU Flash

The Black Pepper team was very switched on, very straight forward, easy to talk to and knew exactly what my needs were.

Andy Booth
CEO, ECU Flash

Project Overview

ECU Flash needed a solution which allowed their diagnostic tool to be connected to a vehicle in any garage, anywhere in the world. This would allow the tuning company to perform diagnostics remotely at a faster pace with timely results.

End Result

InterCan, the solution proposed by Black Pepper, was turned around in two short months. It allows ECU Flash to connect to a vehicle in any of the garages they support at any time, thus differentiating their services in the automotive market.

By reducing the time ECU Flash previously needed to spend to be able to physically connect its diagnostic tool to a vehicle, InterCan essentially increased the company’s availability and turnover potential. This solution also allowed ECU Flash to provide better service to independent garages, regardless of their location, offering what can be regarded as Diagnostics as a Service.

InterCan is an application developed using Lazarus Free Pascal, a cross-platform visual integrated development environment (IDE) for rapid application development. It is an open-source version of Borland Delphi which gave our client the added benefit of having a solution which can be run on either Linux, Mac or Windows computers.

The project was developed using an Agile approach. The rate of development was very fast and there was constant communication between Black Pepper and ECU Flash to eradicate wasted time and effort, to ensure the end user-experience was excellent and to guarantee that ECU Flash was satisfied with the application.

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