Whites Group

Project Overview

Fintech success story Whites Group selected Black Pepper software to assist in the deployment of Continuous Delivery.

Technology is a key enabler to the innovative Whites Group's business model. It is therefore business critical that they are able to respond rapidly to their customers' needs.

Black Pepper were engaged to shorten the time between software changes being made, and new versions of the code being deployed on the web.

Whites Group wanted to measure Black Pepper’s value to their business against investment before considering a longer partnership. The first engagement was consequently agreed at just 20 days effort.

End Result

The new system ensured that within a few minutes of a developer making a code change, all related systems are built and tested, databases are updated and the new software is rolled out to servers in the cloud. Business users within Whites Group can then check that the change matches customer needs and if everything looks good, it can be rolled out to users. This lowers the cost and risk of software updates allowing Whites Group to be more responsive to customer needs.

The end result provided Whites Group with a more efficient way of working and reduced risk. Whites Group have reported to be “very impressed” with the team’s input and the project's success and have already confirmed their next engagement with Black Pepper.