There are about 163,000 charities in the UK that exist to support good causes

At Black Pepper, we’re always looking for ways in which we can contribute to social good and support our local community. Helping Hands are one local organisation that we are proud to say we have worked with for the past few years.

Helping Hands is built around local people helping the most vulnerable people in our community. They run a charity shop and a coffee shop, staffed by ex homeless people, a drop in centre, that provides help with arranging doctors appointments and job applications, and a soup kitchen that provides thousands of meals to the community every month.

To keep all of this afloat they rely on a large number of local volunteers and historically, lots of phone calls and spreadsheets to manage who will be working when and in what part of the business.

Working with their team Black Pepper built a mobile rota application to assist Helping Hands better manage all their volunteers. Founder Lianne Kirkman reported it to be a “game changer”. Read the full review here.

Their level of professionalism has been amazing. They put our business first to get the project sorted quickly. Their team cares about our project's outcome. Just go with them and trust the fact that they’ll look after you

Operations Manager, Helping Hands Community Project

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