Public Sector

Black Pepper Software, for the past 21 years has successfully delivered transformational digital programmes for a multitude of leading organisations across the UK.

735 projects delivered to 162 organisations in both the private and public sector
99.2% on time and within budget

Our unique 3 step method is built upon 21 years of learning. It is research-led and human-centred. It’s about ensuring you are using exactly the right tools and technologies to suit your business needs. It’s about lifetime innovation so that your product continues to deliver value, for your citizens, for years to come.

Now more than ever it’s important to build software that not only delivers tangible business value but that is human-centred and always has the users’ productivity in mind. Our strategy this year is to apply our skills and energy to help more public sector/government-run organisations, with a focus on Wellbeing, Health and Social Care.

Rowan Welch
Head of Client Engagement,

Procurement frameworks

We’ve also made our services available on a range of procurement frameworks making it easy for you to work with us.

Digital Outcomes & Specialists

To understand more about how Black Pepper could help you please contact Grant, our specialist public sector Client Engagement Manager on or 07398 698 850