Black Pepper Software is a bespoke software development house with over 21 years of experience. We pride ourselves on effective collaboration, exceptional software development and have a proven track record of delivering IT support for leading organisations and universities across the UK.

Black Pepper Software were a welcoming and friendly company who listened to our problems rather than leaping to a previously developed solution. They were good at communicating on progress, kept an open two-way dialogue with us and quickly adapted to our new and changing user requirements.

Dr. Mark Barnett
Head of Scientific Services, The University of Warwick

Black Pepper Software delivered IT support for leading universities across the UK, such as King's College London and The University of Warwick.

We helped The University of Warwick to launch an innovative global social network that enables researchers to make interdisciplinary connections, find collaborators, improve the visibility of their research and widen funding opportunities.

If you would like to learn how Black Pepper could help with any technical challenges that have been presented by the current situation. Contact us at university@blackpepper.co.uk or 01926 806 500