Automate Everything

A key aspect of continuous delivery is fast feedback – reducing the time between making a change and making it available. It basically means you can get good ideas straight to your users faster and without the faff.

Automated testing gives you the confidence that your software is always functioning as expected – sometimes with multiple tools running side by side to test different scenarios, leaving testers free to focus on exploratory tests rather than repetitive manual tests.

Better performance. Better efficiency. Better cost savings. Automated testing and continuous delivery are a no-brainer for business – especially when increasing IT performance is twice as likely to increase productivity and profitability. Together they’re a great way to get functionality into production quick-smart.

What’s more, you’ll pick up time and cost savings thanks to better code quality and future proofing. You’ll get rapid feedback on whether a build can be used or not. Find bugs and errors more quickly. Plus, you’ll save more over the life of the software compared to manual testing – once written, you can test again and again without the need for an engineer.

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