DevOps combines software development (Dev) with operations (Ops), to deliver engineering best practices and faster software releases.

Under a DevOps model, there is one single team consisting of development and operations where the engineers work across the entire application lifecycle and develop a range of skills not limited to a single function.

Benefits of DevOps:

Like agile, this methodology drives improved application reliability, reduced risk, faster time to market, and increased ROI.

Why DevOps matters ?

Software no longer just supports a business, it is an integral component of every part of it. DevOps and Cloud are a 2019 must for large organisations wanting to stay competitive.

Just like agile methodology, DevOps is focused on building a collaborative culture and learning mindset. Multidisciplinary teams, who work autonomously, take collective accountability for how real users experience their software.

We have observed that this mindset is easier for some companies to adopt than others. We can help. We are currently engaged with a FTSE 100 company assisting them to ingrain DevOps practices and culture across their organisation.

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