Mentoring & Adoption

Tried adopting Agile and DevOps but you’re struggling to see its worth?
Want your business to reap the benefits?

As an agile business transformation consultancy, we offer training and mentoring in new tech and Agile adoption for both IT teams and stakeholders.

At Black Pepper, we live and breathe Agile and DevOps. We can place mentors within your team to help show how Agile and DevOps can be applied in the real world. We can up-skill your team using our unique collaborative approach to teach them all about tools and culture. Even more important, we’ll equip them with everything they need to continue long after we’re gone.

We understand the challenges at various stages of the Agile and DevOps journey. The main reason for any project success is the people and the culture, that’s why we can also deliver training and mentoring during a live project. Whether it’s a bespoke build, integration or solution adoption, we can run your project, deliver it to a deadline and take your team on a real journey of Agile and DevOps discovery.

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Agile Adoption