User Experience

We don’t just create beautiful, bespoke user interfaces. We make them brilliantly intuitive too; using evidence-based research, not assumptions.

Certified by the NN/g Nielsen Norman Group, our UX experts are 2 of only 23 * practitioners in the UK to have achieved ‘UX Master’ accreditation. We understand the psychology of why and how people interact with technology and know-how to produce an outcome that is both simple and human. Get it right and great UX offers significant cost savings, increased conversions and customer loyalty.

We make the complex simple. We’ll help you create a sound business UX strategy and we’ll study how your users interact with your company, your services or your products. Then, armed with all that evidence, we’ll get to work.

Using proven research techniques and working collaboratively with both business stakeholders and end-users, we’ll craft an interface that’s useful, usable, highly ranked, credible, desirable, accessible and valuable.

* as of April 2020

Strategy and Transformation

"User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. - Jakob Nielsen

A user’s experience of a company isn’t formed by any one thing, but by all of their different, unique interactions. This is the ‘user led’ philosophy, that each interaction that a customer has with a company is important and each interaction must be refined so that the overall user experience is the best it can be.

To help ensure this happens, you need a user experience strategy and we are perfectly placed to help. This support can include ‘experience visioning’ where we map out the ideal multi-channel user experience of your customers and ‘discovery sprints’ where we help you identify the best places to invest time and effort. We excel at ensuring your customers have the best experience and opinion of your company and product.

Mapping out user journey

Design and Development

One of the unique things Black Pepper can offer is a closely aligned design and development practice. Under one roof, we have UX experts who can conduct research and create designs, and back-end whizzes who can bring those designs to life with actual data and functionality. To further reduce the gap between design and engineering, we work in a DesignOps culture; aiming for a seamless transition wherever possible by optimising the tools we use and the way we communicate. With the right tools, we can collaboratively create, test and refine with ease. During the design and development phases, you will have a clear view of how designs are progressing, be able to have input, and feel assured that what’s being delivered meets the needs of your customers.


Research and Insight

The right research, done at the right time is critical to great design and successful outcomes. By using qualitative and quantitative research methods such as usability testing and surveying, the right solution can be created faster. Following our research, we will provide you with insights so you understand how your users are actually interacting with your products. These insights will include actionable recommendations, and will outline a clear set of prioritised improvements. With our expertise, we can make sure research is integrated into your project the right way, meaning you and your users get exactly what is needed.