Agile process

We build around agile software development principles

By applying agile software development techniques to all of our projects we provide you with excellent communication, close collaboration, rapid responses and ongoing flexibility.

Agile Process

We expect and embrace change

We believe that once a project begins, we quickly gain greater insight into what our client actually needs and this continual learning is fed seamlessly into our build cycle, meaning the end result can sometimes look quite different to the original plan.

This approach is unique as during the project it gives our clients a solution to the organically evolving business problem. We also test rigorously and continually using automated techniques to ensure that any new line of code doesn’t tamper with the integrity of any previously written functions.

Our software builds are extremely reliable

Agile software development allows us to be flexible and integrate change because we plan, build and test in small increments ensuring that each of the components we build is complete in its own right.

The net result is that each component offers business value and guarantees the solution flexes to our client’s needs.Our clients receive regular drops of tested code which add immediate value by lowering project failure risks and increasing the ROI potential.

We build high quality software

To summarise, we will deliver high quality software that gives you the value that you need in the minimum time with maximum flexibility.

  • High Quality - Our multiple levels of automated tests eliminate bugs early and ensure continuing reliability
  • Maximum flexibility - Our development process means you can flex the requirements at any time to keep pace with your changing business needs
  • Minimum Time - Our focus on building features that can be deployed as soon as they're ready reduces time to market
  • Early Value - Implementing requirements in order of the business value they deliver gives you the earliest possible ROI

An introduction to agile software development

Introduction To Agile

Agile values

  • Individuals and interactions over processes
  • Working software over documentation
  • Customer collaboration over strict contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a rigid plan

Read more about the 12 principles of agile software in the agile manifesto

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