Press Release: Smart Thinking Creates a New Revenue Stream for Local University!


The University of Warwick's centre of excellence for delivering scientific services has launched an innovative e-commerce website build by Black Pepper Software Limited. The website allows businesses anywhere in the country to browse and then book analysis to be completed using the university's analytical equipment. This allows the university to share its services with businesses around the country, and because the work is scheduled into time when the analytical equipment is not being used by the university, it creates a whole new revenue stream.

In detail

  • The University of Warwick is proud to launch an ecommerce software solution designed and implemented by Black Pepper Software.
  • The solution was commissioned by Warwick Scientific Services (WSS), Warwick University's centre of excellence for delivering cutting-edge world class scientific services direct to businesses.
  • WSS wanted to launch a new initiative that would allow the scientific instruments and academic expertise available to be easily browsed and booked by businesses anywhere in the country.
  • The initiative began when WSS noticed that there was potential to earn revenue from their equipment during periods where it was not being used by university staff.
  • WSS approached Black Pepper Software who then worked closely with the university’s in-house IT department to produce a web based ecommerce solution that would integrate with the university's existing email and invoicing system.
  • The system allows WSS to utilize dormant equipment, create a brand new revenue stream and to standardize their workflow and customer charging, as this is all managed by the new system.
  • WSS are delighted with the finished system.
  • This launch marks the continuation of a strong relationship between Black Pepper Software and the WSS team.


"Black Pepper Software are a welcoming and friendly company who listened to our problems rather than leaping to a previously developed solution. They were good at communicating on progress, kept an open two-way dialogue with us and quickly adapted to our new and changing user requirements." Dr. Mark Barnett, Head of Scientific Services, University of Warwick.

"This is a great initiative that has generated true business value for the university. We have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the university on this and look forward to working on more new and exciting projects in the year ahead" John Cooke, MD for Black Pepper.


Notes to editors

Warwick Scientific Services Launc Feb 2014