Press Release: The University of Warwick Team Up with Black Pepper Software to Launch an Industry Leading Software Solution- Piirus

In brief

  • The University of Warwick in conjunction with Black Pepper Software have this week launched the new search engine tool designed to connect researchers with other researchers. This tool is called Piirus.
  • Piirus provides a social network that enables researchers to make contacts or find a collaborator within their field or from a different discipline and get in touch
  • Black Pepper Software took on the challenge of delivering this software for the university within a short, 4 month, time frame (ready for the University’s start of term) and have successfully made it happen.
  • The University of Warwick are delighted with the finished work and will be working closely with Black Pepper Software on more projects going forward.

In detail

Leamington Spa, November 2013. This week sees the exciting launch of Piirus: a software solution designed by Black Pepper Software for the University of Warwick. The launch has been well planned to take place just in time for the start of term.

The Piirus software enables researchers to:

  • make contacts for their research and their career
  • find expertise on a specific topic or technique
  • make interdisciplinary connections to refresh their work and widen funding opportunities
  • improve the visibility of their research outside of their institution

So how does it work? Users sign up and create a short profile with their collaboration interests, research areas and methodologies along with links to external sites where other users can find out more about them.

As soon as a user has a profile, Piirus will suggest researchers with whom they may be interested in collaborating, based on the information in their profile. Students can also search for other users with particular interests, expertise or techniques.

With only 4 months to deliver a complete working solution Black Pepper Software applied their software development expertise and rose to the challenge.

"Black Pepper Software have made the delivery of this project seamless. The people and processes they have make everything really visible - which means that as the client I have been involved and confident about progress. Great team, great result." Fiona Colligan, Wolfson Research Exchange and PG Hub Manager, University of Warwick.

This launch marks the continuation of a strong relationship between Black Pepper Software and the University of Warwick team and clearly demonstrates Black Pepper’s expertise in developing leading software solutions.

"We have successfully applied our dedicated team and leading skill set to solve a business problem and deliver a cost effective solution on time and on budget. We look forward to working on more exciting new projects in the coming months" John Cooke, MD for Black Pepper.

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Notes to editors

  • Piirus is new search engine tool created by Black Pepper and designed to connect researchers with other researchers
  • Black Pepper is a UK company focused on Agile software design and consultancy. A dedicated team passionate about delivering the best solutions on time and within budget
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